France has also launched a call for proposals under a new “PEA” partnership program and is committing significant funds for bilateral education projects with key African countries.

Addressing prospective international students via video, Beatrice Khaiat, director of Campus France in Paris, said (in English and French versions): “I want to address you, international students who plan to study abroad and tell you, “Choose France, you are welcome in France.”

“We need you, we want you, you are expected here”

She reminded viewers that international student make up part of the community “in labs and universities who are fighting.. to find a vaccine”.

“You are part of the researchers [in] France; we need you, we want you, you are expected here,” she said.

Flagging the Campus France offices throughout the world that can help finalise applications, Khaiat added, “French universities, business schools, engineering schools, they all want you and you are welcome here.”

She is joined in one video by Jacques Fayolle, president of the engineering schools alliance CDEFI. In another, by Alice Guilhon, president of management schools’ alliance, Conference des Grandes Écoles.

Guilhon said, “I wanted to tell you that French business schools, which are renowned for their international culture, are eagerly waiting to welcome you to their various campuses from the start of the next academic year.

“More than ever, your openness, cultural, linguistic, and digital knowledge will be essential for your entry into this new economy [post-COVID-19],” she said.

Guilhon explained that students could be taught virtually at first if necessary, with personalised support, before physically arriving on campus.

“We are offering you a hybrid education that will make you distinct and capable, enable to build foundations for a more sustainable and healthy society.” (Read More...)



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