Nannybag-Ocxee: 5 reasons to entrust your luggage.

An easy to use service:-
With more than 10,000 partners in 40 countries, Nannybag lockers are easy to book on the website, you just have to select the location of your choice, a date, a time slot to drop off and pick up your luggage and a suitable Nanny will be presented to you! Installed in strategic locations (shops, hotels, restaurants, gyms...) these lockers have the advantage of being close to many points of interest such as train stations, subway stations or monuments and have flexible schedules. 

Attractive rates:-

One of the advantages of the service offered by Nannybag is the cost of the service: the prices offered are fixed and on average lower than other luggage deposit services. Storing your belongings will only cost you 6€ per bag and per day (prices in each currency are available online). There is no limit for the size of the luggage in question: neither for the size nor for the weight.


An ultra-secure system:-

Each left luggage service we provide has a room dedicated to luggage storage, and this space remains locked at all times. Each baggage stored is associated with a security seal and a unique number, and the traveler’s identity is thoroughly checked both when dropping-off and picking-up their luggage. In the event of breakage, loss or robbery, our insurance covers each piece of luggage for up to 1500€.

Privileged contact:-
Nannybag stands out from other luggage deposit services, which often operate with automated lockers, by favoring real human contact. Network partners are selected according to strict and very specific criteria for obvious security reasons, but also to ensure that each customer is received and accompanied in the best conditions. The same goes for customer service management: if you need additional information or advice, you will be assisted by an actual person.

Flexible storage times:-
Whether you want to store your luggage for a few hours or several days, Nannybag offers extremely flexible solutions: you can have your bags stored for up to 30 days in a row! In short, if you are looking for a solution to travel safely and without constraints, Nannybag is the ideal plan!



This year, we teamed up with several logistics companies to provide our clients with a brand new personalized door-to-door service.

Available soon on our website, this new feature will optimize our user’s traveling experience on a whole new level.

The ultimate goal is for people to be able to travel light from A to Z and avoid extra luggage fees at the airport or expensive shipping rates.
Thanks to Nannybag’s door-to-door service, anyone traveling for leisure or business will now be able to stay hands-free from the moment they step out of reach their final destination. To do so, simply book the door-to-door feature online. Enter basic information: pick-up date, destination, luggage size and content. Their luggage will then be collected before their departure by transporter from the address of their choice and delivered anywhere they want in the world! Their luggage awaits them at the hotel, Airbnb or one of our luggage storage locations.

What will your next destination be? Book luggage storage now!