NZ has taken the unprecedented step of incorporating international students into measures for all citizens.

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In this time of fear and severe economic distress, New Zealand has taken the unprecedented step of incorporating international students into measures for all citizens, as opposed to being treated as a separate category.

While most countries have relaxed certain visa regulations and school attendance requirements for international students, many are hesitant to provide further financial support to international students, arguing that at the very least for first-year students, the ability to support oneself financially is a requirement of obtaining a study visa. This debate has played out most prominently in Australia where the Prime Minister said there would be no support for international students (individual institutions are stepping up, however). (Read More...)


Chris Hipkins

An immediate student support package announced today in response to Covid-19 will assist students financially to continue their studies, Education Minister Chris Hipkins says.     

Covid-19 is impacting students’ ability to financially contribute to and continue their studies. They are facing additional personal costs associated with study in a different way while having fewer opportunities to work to support their study,” Chris Hipkins said.

“The Government wants to give certainty to students as soon as possible that they can continue to be engaged in their education and will be supported adequately until such time that tertiary education providers can put in place alternative ways of delivering teaching and learning.

“Today, we are announcing a domestic tertiary student package to:

  • help cover extra costs, by increasing the student loan amount available for course-related costs for full-time students from $1,000 to $2,000, on a temporary basis;
  • continue support payments for students unable to study on-line for up to 8 weeks
  • make technical changes to ensure that:
    • where students receive partial tuition fee refunds in 2020 because their course has been discontinued due to Covid-19, this will not affect their future entitlement to student loans
    • where students are unable to complete a course of study in 2020 due to Covid-19, this will not affect their entitlement to Fees Free tertiary study. 

“Today’s package means students who cannot access their courses on-line will continue to receive their student loan payments as normal throughout the four-week lockdown period, and for up to four weeks afterwards. This flexibility is already available for student living allowances. (Further Support Details...)

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