As the number of online higher learning institutions grows, so does the number of virtual scam universities.

A diploma mill, or degree mill, is a fake company that provides seemingly legitimate (read: fraudulent) college and university certificates and transcripts to people for a fee. Some masquerade as real higher education institutions that award degrees to students, while others merely sell degrees for cash.

The former can be more worrying, as many unsuspecting students may purchase an online degree program and end up blowing thousands of dollars for a worthless degree without even knowing it was one.

The problem is rampant, with numerous reports showing that many students have fallen prey to these schemes across many countries. (Read More...)

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5 Warning signs applicants must recognize during further process:  (Know More...

  1. Scam universities lack recognized accreditation

  2. They promise of a degree within a short period

  3. Scam universities ask you to pay a lump sum upfront

  4. Insufficient contact details

  5. Dodgy admissions criteria are rife among scam universities

Be sure and double-check for your admissions and do consult with a credible source.

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