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Why should I choose Ocxee?

What services does Ocxee offer?

Do I need to be a student to avail Ocxee services?

How can I book other student services from Ocxee website?


What types of student accommodations will I find on the Ocxee Website?

How do I book a room?

How do I Pay the rental fees?

WWhat comes in all-inclusive student accommodations?

How do I know my accommodation is safe?

Does my accommodation offer meals?

Will I get cleaning and laundry services at the student accommodation?

Can I share an accommodation with my friends?

Can I cancel a booking?

Can I get a virtual tour of a property before I book?


What is international student insurance? Who should buy it?

Is student insurance mandatory?

When should I buy student travel insurance?


What is a Forex Card?

How much time will it take to get my Forex Card?

Money Transfer

Which countries can I send or receive money from?

How can I Transfer Money Abroad?

Pickup and Drop

How do I book my airport pickup?

Where to check the fares and other charges?

What is the maximum number of passengers in a car?

How much luggage can I fit in my car?

SIM Card

Will SIM Cards be delivered at my home address?

How much time is required to be activated?

Storage Service and Essentials

Can I get my student essentials delivered to the university or the accommodation?

Is Cash on Delivery Available?

How do I use the discount code?

Job Assistance

Is it mandatory to have a National Insurance Number?

What types of jobs do you assist in applying?

Do you help with the interview?

Within how many days will you make my application?